Dr. James Duke on the potential of cannabis medicine

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Jim Duke – “Better Living Through Phytochemistry” – with Potentilla recta, Cinquefoil – The Green Farmacy Garden’s legal representative of Cannabis sativa as displayed in the Glaucoma plot of his garden.

If this is your first exposure to Dr. Duke, we strongly recommend you take some time to dig deeper into his work and career.

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Urban farming in post-Flood New Orleans

01Michelle Posey of Pelican Produce. Upper Ninth Ward

By Elsa Hahne

Sometimes the vacant lot next door, overgrown with weeds, turns into a beautiful garden. Not by itself, of course, but since nobody’s moved in and no houses are being built there, it can seem like magic.

That’s true for hundreds of neighbors in the Lower and Upper Ninth Ward as well as for residents throughout the city. And in … Read more

Catskils Mushroom Walk

John Michelotti of Catskill Fungi

John leads guided mushroom walks throughout the Catskill Mountain region. Learn about mushrooms in the woods and their functions in the ecosystem and our lives.


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– Ken McCarthy

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Forest gardening

– Ken McCarthy

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