Burdock root chai

Click here to watch how to forage and prepare burdock root chai

After you watch Diana’s lesson, you might be interested in the Plant Wisdom interview with her. You can click here to listen to the interview.

– Ken McCarthy



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Foraging & Feasting with Dina Falconi

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The ideal introduction to plants, herbs and “weeds” would be to have a grandmother (or grandfather) take us by the hand through the fields and woods from an early age.

In these “modern” times, few of us have that experience. Our guest on this installment of PlantWisdom.org, Dina Falcone, certainly didn’t.

Dina grew up in New York City’s East Village in the 1970s, an urban … Read more

Creating food meadows

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There’s farming which can include big corporate farms, small family farms, and gardens.

Then there’s foraging which is roaming around looking for “free” food to pick and eat.

Is there something in between?

Yes there is.

In this wide ranging conversation with Tama Matsuoka Wong we talk about a middle way in which wild edible plants are encouraged to grow.

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Ancient Trees Portraits of Time

1 heart-of-the-dragonThis dragon blood tree can live up to five hundred years (Beth Moon/Abbeville Press)

2 wakehurst-yews1Yews of Wakehurst taken in Ardingly, West Sussex, England in 1999: Its tentacle-like roots ride over the cliff’s edge to find soil to sink into and its drooping branches filter out daylight, according to Moon, giving the woods an eerie ambience.(Beth Moon/Abbeville Press)

3 rilkes-bayon1Rilke’s Bayon taken in Ta Prohm, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia in 2007: Of … Read more