Heavily censored information on plant medicine

If the speaker’s YouTube channel is still up, you can find it here:

This excellent video is both a demonstration of all the good people who are making heroic efforts to educate the public and an example of the unhinged and demented censorship that Google-owned YouTube now routinely engages in.

The subject is the herbal medicines used successfully by the multi-thousand year medical traditions of India and China to … Read more

It’s time for Thyme

On a recent trip to Morocco (my first trip there and my first trip out of the country in nearly five years), I got to see how an intact culture deals with health issues.

Drugs, no.

Plants, yes.

One of the plants that is treasured in Morocco and elsewhere is one many of us think of as just a culinary herb.

Wrong. It is a very potent healer. (And when … Read more

The science behind the Odyssey

We’re continuing our exploration of Aegean herb culture.

Here’s a surprising modern validation of one of the “tall tales” of the Odyssey involving “magic” plants.

– Ken McCarthy



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– Ken McCarthy



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Mushroom Myths Debunked

A primer on what’s true and not true about mushrooms.


Medicinal Mushrooms

Fly Agaric

The Misunderstood Magic Mushroom

– Ken McCarthy



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“Follow the science”

From one of our favorite educators. He talks about plants in the context of where and how they live, not just how useful they are.

Plant Wisdom has been quiet because some people have been fighting the madness of the last two years on a nearly full time basis.

I’m one of them.

For those who still don’t get it, here’s a story about a plant that “scientists” have … Read more


Turmeric, part of the culinary and medical legacy of India, has taken the world by storm in recent years.

But are people using it correctly?

Predictably, once the merchandisers got involved, they were not.

Luckily, preparing turmeric correctly to get its full benefit (vs buying it in capsule form) is not complicated.

NOTE: If you are taking Pharma products that thin your blood, please research the risk of these drugs. … Read more

Catnip, not just for cats

We’ve been mostly silent here (dealing with the fallout of a government-created ordeal), but this video really jumped out.

A lucid and comprehensive description of this wonderful plant from Dina Falconi.

You can see more of her work plus a link to all her videos here: https://www.botanicalartspress.com

– Ken McCarthy



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Plant Wisdom’s greatest hits

This might be the last time you hear from me for a while.

There is a ton of life- changing information on the Plant Wisdom site.

I have put some of our “greatest hits” together on one page.

I hope you will take advantage of it and share it widely with people who need it now.

One thing we can always count on are the plants. We just have to … Read more

“When I first tuned into this tree…”

Dorothy Maclean of Finhorn

Recorded at the 3rd World Wilderness Conference in 1983

Dorothy Maclean was one of the three founders of the Findhorn community in Scotland.

This talk was delivered at the 3rd World Wilderness Conference in 1983

Maclean referenced Richard St. Barbe Baker.

He was personally responsible for planting over one billions trees and was one of the first genuine global conservationists to come out of western … Read more