Herb walk with Rosita Arvigo in Chicago

224Site of Herb Walk in Chicago on Milwaukee and Kedzie Avenues in Logan Square

219Amaranth — Amaranthus retroflexus — Ancient food of the Americas; very high mineral and protein content. Excellent for anemia

226Sheep  Sorrel — Rumex acetosella — Good food for salads, kidney aid

243Milkweed — Asclepias syriaca — white milky sap for warts, edible flowers and very young pods

250Prairie Dock — Silphium terebinthinaceum — decorative prairie plant

258St. John’swort — Hypericum calycinum — popular herbal remedy for mild anxiety and depression

259Unknown mystery plant on this day

265Echinacea — Echinacea purpurea — popular herbal remedy to improve immune response to colds and virus

275Bee Balm — Monarda  citriodora

277Shepherd’s Purse — Capsella bursa-pastoris — considered a good remedy to staunch excessive menstruation and post-partum bleeding in tincture form

280Joe Pye Weed –  Eutrochium purpureum — also known as gravel root for its ability to remove gravel from kidney and bladder

298Chiccory — Cichorium intybus — Friend of the liver

300Green Globe Cone Flower — Rudbeckia laciniata — Native American diuretic plant

303Joe Pye Weed — See above

307Evening Primrose — Oenothera biennis — herbal remedy made from seeds for PMS

314Flower of an Hour — Malva spp. — A wild hibiscus

327Hollyhock — Malva spp.

331Elm leaves — Ulmus spp

333Rosita Arvigo – Interview with Rosita Arvigo

– Ken McCarthy