Inspired agriculture

“Permaculture” is a buzz word, but what does it mean?

It’s simple really: Cooperate with nature.

The method: Observation.

“Create natural cycles, then nature will work for you” says permaculture pioneer Sepp Holzer.

This video explores his famous permaculture farm, Krameterhof, 1,500 feet above sea level between the pine tree monocultures of Austria. He has successfully used groundbreaking techniques such as using ponds as reflectors to increase solar gain for passive solar heating of structures. He pioneered the use of Hugelkultur and natural branch development – that is not pruning, to allow fruit trees to survive high altitudes and harsh winters.

One plant helps the other in a symbiotic, ongoing collaboration of nature. For example plants with different root depths can co-exist and benefit each other.

“You have to listen and observe– that’s the most important thing.” says Holzer.

-Bibi Farber

This is a clip from a film by Malcolm St. Julian Bonn and Heidi Snel.

Unfortunately, this video is only available in the PAL format which is unplayable on US machines. More info here:

– Ken McCarthy