Paul Stamets: Six ways mushrooms can save the world

The amazing research of Paul Stamets

Can mushrooms save the world?

It turns out mycelium is responsible for a myriad of life-sustaining tasks!

Did you know that when you walk on the ground mycelium leaps up in your footsteps in the aftermath trying to grab debris? Or that our best antibiotics come from fungi?

Did you know that there is a net all over the world of mycelium that is connected? It gives the soil some body, so it can resist soil erosion. It sets up a microbial universe, which means it opens the door for other biological communities.

Mycologist Paul Stamets explains here how he figured out to conquer termites with mushrooms!

Enjoy this eye opening introduction to what mycelium really is and how we can harness the power. He even has a mushroom solution for the energy problem and environmental clean up–especially oil spills! Don’t miss this one.

– Ken McCarthy