Photographer Robert Llewellyn


Photographer Robert Llewellyn is the author of three books: “Seeing Trees”, “Seeing Flowers”, and “Seeing Seeds.”

“When I first looked at trees — really looked at them — it was like meeting another civilization,”

“Picking up a camera changes how I see things. The plant world, previously hiding in plain sight, now reveals itself as another civilization living among us. They have a plan. I’ll never see them the same way again.”

“Even ubiquitous objects directly in front of us when deeply contemplated can open up new worlds. To really see trees and flowers I need to get extremely close. Once close enough, I realize they are another civilization, living among us in silence. They are born, they die, they migrate, they live in communities like humans. And like us, their life is complex, fascinating, and very, very beautiful.”

– Ken McCarthy