Plant Spirit Medicine

What are plants?

Dumb bundles of cellulose that exist merely to do our bidding?

Sophisticated bio-chemical factories that are the source of countless medicines – and medicines to come?

How about this?

“Plants know us and love us as grandchildren.”

What is a grandparent?

Someone older than you…someone related to you…someone who cares about your well-being…someone in a position to help you in profound ways.

Carlos Castaneda (1925-1998) in his book “The Teachings of Don Juan” (1968) was the first popular writer to introduce the idea of plants as allies.

His focus was on psychotropic (i.e. hallucinogenic) plants like peyote and datura (jimsonweed).

But what if dandelions and other plants on our doorsteps have the potential to be powerful spirit allies as well?

We have a tenet here at Plant Wisdom that either all of creation is infused with spirit – or none of it is.

(It’s not logical that creation would be segregated. Such a division is something created by the discriminating mind, a useful tool, but one that is often in error.)

On the question of spirit, we come down on the side of believing that everything is infused with spirit.

After listening to this interview (a few times, because it’s deep), you may come to the conclusion that among the most powerful spiritual allies we can have – and ones that we have neglected due to lack of education – are with the plants in our own backyards and nearby woods.

Give some time to these ideas.

If you’re already attracted to plants, these thoughts may be life changing.

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– Ken McCarthy