The unreported risks of bio engineered food

Biological ‘products’ cannot be recalled

It took decades for corporate-owned science to discover that things like tobacco and processed meats are deadly.

But GMOs were given a clean bill of health with next-to-no testing and certainly no multi-year tests on humans.

Here’s what Big Pharma says about its own products:

“Biological products have definite risks as they are only partially understood at the time of their approval.”

What are GMOs if they are not biological products?

Drug companies plan for their products – biological products – to sometimes have a negative effect on people and therefore need to be recalled.

What plans are in place to recall GMOs that prove to be dangerous to human health?

None. Because once released, it’s impossible to recall them.

Does consuming these products make any sense at all when their are alternatives?

Of course not and that’s why 93% of Americans want GMO foods labeled.

Their common sense assessment of the situation is correct and corporate criminals and their government stooges are blocking this wish in every state – and now on the federal level.

Bottom line: You won’t have a right to know what you’re eating.

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– Ken McCarthy