The world’s most nutritious terrestrial plant?

The Moringa aka “The Miracle Tree”

A gift from the Himalayas

Staff Update (Sep 24, 2019): There was a small error in the video which we have removed around the 2:05 mark regarding the seeds being used for cleansing “malaria-ridden water”. Instead, it should have been “bacteria-ridden water”. Sorry for any confusion!

Evidence that the answer to all human problems are in nature, and very often in the form of the most generous members of nature’s community: plants.

A video about a fascinating tree that grows – and nourishes – abundantly in the most unlikely conditions.

92 nutrients
46 natural antioxidants
26% protein by weight
17 times the calcium of milk
4 times vitamins of carrots
15 times the potassium of bananas
25 times the Iron of spinach
7 times the vitamin C of oranges

– Ken McCarthy