Turmeric, part of the culinary and medical legacy of India, has taken the world by storm in recent years.

But are people using it correctly?

Predictably, once the merchandisers got involved, they were not.

Luckily, preparing turmeric correctly to get its full benefit (vs buying it in capsule form) is not complicated.

NOTE: If you are taking Pharma products that thin your blood, please research the risk of these drugs. Your doctor should have provided you with a detailed printed warning sheet when he or she prescribed them to you.

According to a May 11, 2017, New York Times article, there is no published report of any patient bleeding from consuming the spice turmeric in its natural form in a normal way.

However, given the danger inherent in all pharmaceutical products (vs. foods and herbs consumed normally), if you choose to use pharma products despite their published warnings, you should be aware of foods that reputedly might add to their effects.

That said when an herb has zero records of causing any problem when consumed normally, but there is a reported potential problem when combined with a pharma product like warfarin that is by itself known to cause severe bleeding, severe head or stomach pain, joint pain, and more, basic logic might suggest that it’s not the turmeric that is the source of the problem when the two are combined.

You are allowed to apply logic and common sense when making personal health decisions.

– Ken McCarthy