Urban farming in post-Flood New Orleans

01Michelle Posey of Pelican Produce. Upper Ninth Ward

By Elsa Hahne

Sometimes the vacant lot next door, overgrown with weeds, turns into a beautiful garden. Not by itself, of course, but since nobody’s moved in and no houses are being built there, it can seem like magic.

That’s true for hundreds of neighbors in the Lower and Upper Ninth Ward as well as for residents throughout the city. And in a local twist on the international farm-to-table movement, the vegetables and fruits grown in those urban gardens often end up on plates in New Orleans restaurants, such as Root, Maurepas, Brown Butter, Patois, Paladar 511, Mariza, Meauxbar, La Petite Grocery, Angeline and Coquette, just to name a few.

Paradigm Gardens lies next to the interstate, on South Rampart Street in Central City.


– Ken McCarthy