Plant Wisdom’s greatest hits

This might be the last time you hear from me for a while.

There is a ton of life- changing information on the Plant Wisdom site.

I have put some of our “greatest hits” together on one page.

I hope you will take advantage of it and share it widely with people who need it now.

One thing we can always count on are the plants. We just have to wake up to them.

It’s a process that takes time, but it’s also our birthright and part of our very nature.

=== Plant Wisdom’s greatest hits ===

Rosita Arvigo
40+ years of healing plant study in the Mayan world

Jeremy Narby
Intelligence in nature

Elliot Cowan
Plant Spirit Medicine

The spirit of plants and healing
Baba Rahsan Abdul Hakim

Rocio Alarcan
Insights from the healing forest

James Duke
The potential of cannabis as medicine

Ancient wisdom modern practices
Rosita Arvigo and Michael Balick

Gene Logsdon
The Contrary Farmer

Tama Matsuoka Wong
Creating food meadows

Dina Falconi
Foraging and festing

Klaus Ferlow
A miraculous tree grows in India, Africa – and Florida

– Ken McCarthy